HB Harry Bugden


I started life in Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, although my Mum will tell you it was in Maidenhead.

My first job was in contract catering at Burnham Beeches Hotel and Events Centre, where I was responsible for keeping the cutlery polished and napkins folded.

A desire to grow my hair long and finally learn to paint with watercolors led me to apply to art school. I spent a few years at Central Saint Martins amassing a significant amount of debt, before graduating with an Arts degree just as the recession was kicking in.

Thankfully Adam and Eve offered me and my mate Sid a low paying job, where we made the most of the free Yorkshire Tea and occasional Stella from the kitchen.

Deciding that I would quite like to work on my American accent, I applied for a job with Mother in New York.

Since leaving the catering industry I've picked up some gold things at the BTAAS, Creative Circle, and Campaign Bigs. I now at Droga 5 in New York, and at weekends can be found either hanging out with my daughter or riding my bike. 

Email me at hbugden@gmail.com. Or stalk me on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or Strava.