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The New York Times

The truth takes a journalist


Save the Children

When kids around the world are dying needlessly every day, making a sad ad is depressingly easy.


Purely Inspired

Feeling good shouldn't be hard


The Water Clouds

Stella Artois has given 230,000  people access to clean water.   So, on World Water Day, we filled   the Oculus with 230,000 blue   balloons, each one representing   a life Stella has saved.

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Lull: A Short Film

The UK government believes 16 year olds are old enough to join the army. This film tells the story of Michael, aged 17, and his final and hardest goodbye before leavinghome. I co-wrote, co-directed and co-fundedLull with my friend Gavin. 


Spotify Premium

Spotify had a new deal: Go Premium and get Hulu for free. This is how we announced it.


Comcast Olympics

During the Sochi Olympics the small town of Afton, MN got together at 3AM to cheer on the hometown athlete, Jessie Diggins. For this years' Winter Olympics we recreated that story and edited it in real time after her race. This is what it looked like, live (Youtube took down my link)



Oscar is a smart, simple health insurance company. So we made some smart, simple ads to tellpeople about it.


John Lewis

A couple of things I made before the 'John Lewis Christmas ad' was really a thing

Not Ads


I started a bike company because I hate how boring bikes look. One day, when I have money, I'll make more of them


Half Spoon

This sugar has half the sugar.

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Underneath the
Actors Studio

You’ve heard of Inside the Actors Studio. But underneath is where the real acting talent lies.